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From Web Development to Software Development and their management, it is our assurance to our customers and the escalation and prosperity of their business that keeps us abreast on providing the best quality software, with the best support and latest technologies.

Our Work Process

We keep in mind the important clause adapted by every successful business deal, that is, most favored treatment clause, which denotes of giving every project a top priority. The software array offered by us is so wide and varied that it caters to almost all shades of tastes and temperament. Our work process ensures quality and guarantees client’s satisfaction. No wonder that we have been recipient of several projects. The efforts in our work process involve various steps such as:


In deference to the wishes and expectations of our patrons especially those who are endowed with the taste and appreciation for profound and dexterous work we make an initial assessment of the need of our customer, the market forces, competition and your strategy of the use of our product. Our team of developers and technology consultants then bring their creative imagination to the fore and use it to enhance your business. This creativity plan determines the starting point for launching an effective solution to meet the needs of our customers.


The developers at Y3K IMAGINATIONS work out all the final details to generate the envisaged plan, the result of our creativity.


After drafting the plan we then start to work on the means and ends of success in the project of our customers. By incorporating your needs, which was outlined before, and churning of new ideas, concepts, innovations and diversification that tag along the process of our creative minds at work.

Even Out

Each output of our concern is tested for performance, flexibility, dexterity and usability. The output is also tested, on the same parameters and to see if it meets the expectations earlier drawn.


The product is then delivered to the client. We not only install the software after the acceptance of our product but also train the customer about its handling and usage. We keep an open policy that if the consumer is not satisfied with the product then even at this stage the client’s suggestions and ideas on enhancements and extensions are incorporated so as to provide the result needed by the customer.


We don’t stop our work and involvement with the project once it is developed and delivered to the client. The most important feature of our system is that it keeps on changing, so we being a part of this system follow this rule of change as the continuous thinking is a soul of intelligence and innovation which bring about better solutions. We not only create solutions for today, but also extend these for continuing re-innovation for the future as well.

Our Wisdom Fruition

As our work is mainly an effort of team rather than a fruit of the efforts of an individual therefore throughout the process we learn and evolve from each other. We capture all our knowledge, which is shared by all members of our team. Our wisdom is continuously evolving, growing constantly with our research and experience.

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