Our skilled web designers create unique yet gorgeous websites which boots your brand image and complies with latest norms of website designing and development. Being the most accepted website designing company, we use latest and original software tools to make your website become profit center of your business. Web Digital Technology is a name which stands for quality and professionalism in selling, understanding client’s idea and final project delivery. We are India’s leading website designing company and have experience of completion of 200 projects since 2015. For our clients in Allahabad, Faizabad, Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, Delhi and Bangalore, we suggest regular yearly meetups on how to maintain websites and keep them updated.

If you are seeking an innovative and interactive website that has been designed considering the best practices for coding and designing standards, you are at the right place. Web Digital Technology offers end to end services including booking of domain, hosting, website designing, maintenance and support at the most reasonable rates

Our work is guaranteed to be original and not a copy of other website’s design or images. Your search for website designing company in Allahabad ends here. We assure you that distance from our office will not impact the quality or delivery of project. Our prompt responses and quick turn-around times have earned us the laurel of the best website designing company in India.

There is no doubt that an impressive website can give an edge to your business and help you gain rapid growth. However, beware of the service providers who use typical templates and ready-to-use designs that make all websites look alike.

Our Service

Domain & Hosting

Choosing the right domain & host for your website is a compelling step along the way. We at Web Digital Technology are resellers for various leading domain and hosting providers.

As the web world is expanding at a herculean speed, there are tons of domain & hosting selection choices available. Choosing a reliable, credible and unique option to provide your users the functionality and quality they are looking for is a tough row to hoe.

The domain is the address that users will use to reach you while hosting service provides the platform where the web page can be accessed by users around the globe.

It is important to keep your business requirement, workflow and target audience in mind while selecting a domain and hosting service for the website of your dream website.

Our experienced panel at 360WebsiteDesign can best guide you in what domain and hosting service you should select to magnify your business reach and to make an instant impact on your users as well as competitors.

We Can Help You With

Choosing a unique domain to personify your brand identity.

Providing domain name that is memorable, relatable and boosts traffic.

Finding a hosting service that comes with an array of services and features that takes the surfing experience to the next level

Offering data security by keeping your data secure by getting your website hosted on the best hosting providers in the industry.

With Web Digital Technology  find simple and user-friendly options that help you set up your website.

Contact us for domain and hosting service to ensure optimum quality, functionality and affordability on the go.

Logo & Graphic Designing

Now, don’t spend a fortune to get your professional logo done!

The logo is the first thing that a user will notice about your website. Your entire brand image, promotional strategy, website theme and advertising, portfolio are hatched around your logo and graphic design, so, the careful selection of logo and graphic design is essential to building a brand image.

From a business to a brand, prosopopeia of your ideas into a visual reality is indispensable. Logo and graphic design are the most important step in making your corporate dream come true. Fuel your marketing campaign and gear it on the right path with the creative and experienced team of designers at Web Digital Technology.

Website Designing

The World Wide Web has beyond any doubt been accepted worldwide as the most powerful and profitable medium to operate and promote your business. A website reflects your brand and having an individualized and unique look is just as important as having one at all.

We at Web Digital Technology  understand the business benefits of having a well-designed website to help you get the maximum bang for your money and serves you as a creative media for web design solutions.

Our web designers are proficient in crafting an artful HTML, WordPress, CSS, PHP, Joomla, and ASP. Net websites in the most cost efficient manner.

Our solutions are tailor-made to meet your needs while keeping the target audiences in mind.

We provide both dynamic as well as static websites as per your requirement.

With an experience of 3+ years, our team strives to offer comprehensive solutions that will help you overcome your biggest web challenges.

We offer static and dynamic website at an affordable price starting from Rs 30,000/- and Rs 40,000/- respectively.

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction or else we incorporate full refund policy.

We crave perfect designs to develop a creative website that engage users on both mobile & desktop devices with its modern responsive UI.

We Can Help You With

A visual impact that engages the viewers with greater vigor than what you claim in words.

Customized Web Design

Search-engine friendly Websites

Social Media Integrated Websites

Mobile Friendly Websites

Reduced Bounce Rate

Better Lead Capture

Longer Visitor Duration

contact us (09696371577) to satisfy your expectation with superior service and affordable budget.


Responsive Web Designing

Surf the Smart way!

The explosion of mobile growth has been quicker than anyone would have predicted and to survive this scenario you need to go beyond the traditional boundaries of the website design and let yourself explore a completely new world of Responsive Web Design.

A Responsive Website is one which can easily be opened and browsed on several platforms like a laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Why Having a Mobile Freindly Website is important for your Business?

Increase your visibility on search engines and rank higher

Increase your reach to mobile and tablet audience

Enhance user’s offline browsing experience

Save your time on site management

Increase sales and conversion rates

Save time and cost on mobile development

No more duplicate content panelties

How Can We Help You?

With a team of experienced web developers and designers, Web Digital Technology offers Responsive Websites that will be a perfect fit for any browser operated the device. We at Web Digital Technology, develop responsive web solutions for incredible user experience. Our team uses Bootstrap, Media Query, CSS, HTML and many other technologies for developing responsive websites to increase your visibility on search engines.

Pay only  29,999/-for complete Responsive Web Solution

Apart from building Responsive Websites from the scratch, Web Digital Technology  offer our all-inclusive web development services for rebuilding those websites that have been stuck in the era of old technologies.